Q: How do I care for my fine flatware?

 A: Hand wash only in a mild non lemon scented detergent and dry immediately with a soft lint free cloth.  Silver plate flatware needs to be stored away from rubber and stainless items.  Using silver plate with foods high in sulphur and acidity should be avoided.

Q: Will my item be packaged for gift giving?

A: Bracelets are packaged in a brown kraft box tied with twine or ribbon.  Premium gift boxes may be available in the future.

Q:  What does hand stamped mean?

 A:  Hand stamping unlike engraving is literally moving metal by the manual force of a hammer blow against a small dye.  Each letter is individually hand stamped.


Q: What does reclaimed.999 fine silver and PMC mean?

 A:  Blue Sail Studios uses eco friendly reclaimed fine silver in its creations. .999 is the purity of the silver and is more valueable then sterling which is .925.  PMC stands for precious metal clay.

Q:  Do you accept other methods of payments?

 A:  Blue Sail Studios does accept Paypal as a payment method. SImply send us an email containing the URL(s) of the items you would like to purchase and your pay pal email address and an inovoice will be generated for you.